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Parent-Teacher conferences are a critical component of our early childhood education program.  These sessions allow us to communicate with you about the areas your child is excelling in and give us the opportunity to work with you to come up with specific approaches that we can take in areas that need improvement.  Partnership and consistency in both the center and at home will ensure that your child improves in any areas of concern.

At Cuddle Bugs, we hold conferences twice a year.

Fall Conferences:  October

Spring Conferences:  April


Conferences typically only take 10-15 minutes and are conducted in partnership with the site director and the classroom teacher.  We will provide helpful resources to track age-specific developmental milestones for your child.  Our consistent approach provides a timeline to review desired improvements.  Additionally, we will provide helpful tools and resources that we can use both in the classroom and at home to develop any areas of concern.  These resources come from a highly acclaimed program called "Help Me Grow".  Which is an initiative of the State of Minnesota Department of Education, Department of Health and Department of Human Services. 

We offer three different types of conferences.  

1.  In-Person

2.  Web based over Microsoft Teams

3.  Paper Evaluation (home review)

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