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Our newest Cuddle Bugs gather here.  Infants are so precious to us.  Starting their young lives out with oodles of love and attention is simply the best way to watch them flourish.  We provide ample attention, stimulating toys and music, and the best nutrition to start your little Cuddle Bug on the path for future success.



Inquisitive, curious, active, and growing preschoolers are seen prancing all over this room.  Full of energy and questions, this group is ready to learn and our staff is ready to teach them all about their world and how it works.  We nourish these young minds with curriculum, play, and lots of encouragement to do things for themselves and learn all they are capable of!



Crawlers are not quite a toddler yet but they are on the move!  We created this special group just for those babies that are on the go and ready to take on all the action of the day!



After your child starts Kindergarten through age 11, you may need before or after school and summer care.  We are here to provide your child with an active and fun program to keep them busy all of the time.  These busy school-agers are growing and learning every day and at Cuddle Bugs we aim to keep them active, healthy, and inspired!



These busy toddlers need room to move, walk and run.  They need plenty of love, direction, and guidance.  Here at Cuddle Bugs, toddlers are taught love and compassion for others.  They practice small and large muscle activities that set them on a path for successful learning.  Play is how toddlers learn all about their world.  We encourage imagination and creativity for our little tumbling toddlers!

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