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Welcome to Cuddle Bugs; my “baby”.  This program was created in my home in 2002.  What started with just a handful of kids and a dream has now, somehow, expanded to several hundred children and multiple locations.  Wow.  I’m Crystal Port, the President, and owner of Cuddle Bugs, and I want you to know a little about me.  You see, beyond being an owner of a growing business, the “real me” is also a wife, a mom, a sister, and a friend.  I grew up on a hobby farm in a small town in southern, MN (Go KW KNIGHTS!) and I like to consider myself a nice mix of a farm girl, a traditional wife and mom, and a professional.  I love spending time with my family, gardening, cooking, and jogging. Also, I love to embrace my inner geek so I must tell you I really enjoy spreadsheets and checklists.  But mostly, I want you to know that I really love my job.  Really.  Like, I can’t believe I get to do what I love for a living.  I get paid in hugs.  I get to snuggle babies whenever I want.  And I have an endless supply of bubbles, drawings for my fridge, and hilarious kid stories.  Who wouldn’t love this?


I can talk all day about my passion for childcare.  I’m so proud of the teachers and programs here.  I’m passionate about protecting the magic of early childhood and always improving the services we offer.  But if I had one wish for my program, I would wish that every family that enrolls at Cuddle Bugs feels like we are an extension of your family.  At the end of the day, that is what makes me feel successful.  That is what makes me feel like we really made a difference. 


Thanks for considering Cuddle Bugs for your childcare needs.  I hope your children get to experience the same lasting memories and friendships from Cuddle Bugs that my own children still cherish to this day.


Crystal Port

Owner, President and Original Cuddler


Some photos of the roots of our program, home childcare


There is something unique about being a childcare center with a  foundation of home childcare in our roots.  Home childcare providers tend to become an extension of your family.  They tend to know if your family lovingly refers to Grandma and Grandpa as “Nana and Pappa”.  They tend to know that your family has a favorite cabin, cottage, or hometown that you love to visit.  After over a decade of home childcare, we want that same care to carry over into our childcare centers and we hope you feel it when you tour with us.  Our goal will always be to create lasting memories with your children, lasting friendships,  and to be a special connection with your family.  We want you to feel a part of the Cuddle Bug family too.


why is Learning Through Play important to us?


Our belief is that we have a very small window of time in our lives where we have no agenda, no deadlines, no homework.  That time is called childhood.  It is worthy of our protection.  Let them play!



We think learning is fun, so we build our activities in a way that promotes just that! Studies show again and again the important role PLAY plays in our children's education.

IMG_5720 2.jpg


We think family is so important.  We want to invite you into our family and we want to be a natural extention of yours.



Physical activity and proper nutrition are cornerstones of our programs, we believe that fueling the body properly is an important step in overall development.



Your child's needs and desires are unique just like they are.  We work with children as individuals, and understand that no two children learn the same way.​



We understand that every family's needs are different.  We think we offer the most flexible childcare programs and rates around.  We will help you find the program that best fits your family's needs.

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